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The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Reflects on the Rise of Battered Career Syndrome

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise – Rise of Battered Career Syndrome

In 2005, The Entrepreneur’s Source conducted third party market research into the future of the job market.

“I remember presenting the information we learned to a group of coaches at one of our conferences. We talked about the pink slips, gaps in employment, instability in the stock market and a variety of things that were going to happen in the job market,” said Susan Stilwell, Brand Manager for The Entrepreneur’s Source, “We outlined a perfect storm that was coming.  We talked about the executive-level folks who were going to be making substantially less than they had ever made in their entire careers and having to leverage resources they were typically saving for retirement simply to survive.”

Fast-forward to 2013: not only did the research predictions occur, but they were actually far worse than anticipated. A New Career Economy had been created, inducing widespread Battered Career Syndrome.

Those experiencing Battered Career Syndrome face no job security and high turnover rates. Some have been through two, three, or four jobs, while others have been out of a job for six months or longer. It has become increasingly harder for them to find opportunities.

The New Career Economy has been a progression over several years, and has not only created a change in the job market, but also in the way people are reacting to it. People are starting to step up and take control of their professional destinies. They are looking for ways to become self-sufficient and move away from dependence on the job market. They are ready to pursue a career path they can control versus having someone dictate to them what is going to happen or trust their futures into the unpredictable stock market.

When a person decides to take control, it is just the first step to learning what the possibilities would look like. The next step involves educating themselves in order to make the right business opportunity choice for themselves and their family through the discovery process.

Business Coach can help take individuals through the Discovery Process to identify the right business opportunity that meets their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity (ILWE) goals.


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