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Education, Awareness and Discovery Generates Financial Security and Success

Before exploring the possibilities associated with career ownership™, it is important to go through education, awareness and discovery to make sure your goals, needs and expectations will be met.

When exploring self-sufficiency through career ownership™, The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career ownership™ organization, believes it is important to know that franchising has its people’s backs during good times and times of uncertainty. Seeing how different franchisors are supporting their franchisees during this unprecedented time may help guide your education experience

“It is our coaches’ job to be their client’s biggest advocate when exploring self-sufficiency so they can achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals. Now more than ever, is the time for their clients to explore,” said Terry Powell, visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “We are making sure our coaches have the education they need to show their clients that now is a viable time to explore the possibilities of self-sufficiency.”

Helping Franchisees During Tough Times

The response of companies to help their franchisees evolve their business during a time when many customers are self-quarantining and local governments are implementing social distancing guidelines has been swift. Many franchisors are helping by offering creative steps to generate revenues. Fred Astaire Dance Studios set up an online lesson platform for customers. Chain restaurant operators are selling excess supplies like grocery stores to drive sales. For example, Jimmy John’s, a chain of more than 2,800 sandwich shops, is selling loaves of its signature bread. The more than 150-unit Beef O’ Brady’s Family Sports Pub is selling raw chicken, fish and steaks to customers. Many other businesses are offering curbside pickup or free home delivery.

Franchisors are also providing advertising and brand messaging assistance to keep customers informed. Metal Supermarkets, a national supplier of small quantity metals, is keeping its marketing team busy by using its website, social media channels and email marketing to help make customers aware of changes at its stores in each market. The company is also taking the opportunity to enhance its existing e-commerce offerings. Moran Family of Brands, a national auto repair franchise, arranged a public relations opportunity for its franchisees nationwide. The company set up interviews for its franchisees on local news outlets to discuss how to properly disinfect the interior of a vehicle. It resulted in more than 30 interviews with the franchise owners and publicity for the brand.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is a home-based business, so we are fortunate the changes in work locations require fewer adjustments for our franchisees.  However, we have still held webinars and sent out continuous information on the best way to address the current climate with their clients. We have also communicated with them about the financial resources and assistance programs that the government is providing to small business owners. We want to make sure our coaches have the education they need to show their clients that now is a viable time to explore the possibilities of self-sufficiency.

Education, Awareness and Discovery

The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers a discovery and education-based method of career ownership™ coaching that empowers its clients to discover their ideal path to financial freedom. Its coaches earn referral fees from businesses so they can provide their clients, free of charge, with the valuable guidance they need. The coaching experience allows clients to explore possibilities beyond their current experiences. It provides steppingstones to reach the clients’ vision.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® has more than 35 years of experience helping people discover the possibilities that could enable them to achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals.

Are you interested in building toward self-sufficiency by exploring your own possibilities, options and dreams? Visit the Your Career 2.0 LaunchPad to learn how a coach can help you achieve your vision.


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