The Hourglass Economy(TM)

As the young, millennial generation enters the job market fresh out of college, they are accepting jobs with considerably lower salaries while possessing high levels of education. However, these newly  out of college millennials aren’t the only people in America experiencing difficulty finding jobs in today’s market. Older, more experienced, workers are competing with younger works, and in turn are experiencing high levels of frustration.

In the post-recession economy, a significant percentage of workers are experiencing Battered Career Syndrome across widespread levels.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Defines What is Battered Career Syndrome™?
Individuals who are experiencing Battered Career Syndrome™ typically face low to no job security and high turnover rates. These individuals have typically bounced from job to job within the past few years, while others may have just been out of a job for longer than six months. Although these individuals are hardworking and intelligent, due to this extended unemployment and instability, it has become increasingly difficult for these individuals to find opportunities.

Battered Career Syndrome™ means being subjected to the frustration of turning to the next career path in the company you work for, and then being downsized, right sized or let go, and then having to start over again,” said Terry Powell founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “It is when you find out your job has been outsourced, disappeared, or that the company has cut back. Battered Career Syndrome™ is something that exists in a very large percentage of employment situations today.” Others talk about The Hourglass Economy with virtually no middle class you are either an owner or labor.

Battered Career Syndrome™ can be combatted with the help of a variety of different tactics, but franchise coaching is one of the most beneficial. A franchise coaching environment can support individuals with Battered Career Syndrome™ by looking at their career through a different lens and helping them to realize that there are other ways to move from Employment to Empowerment, such as franchising. Business coaches assist with turning reactive investments to proactive ones, helping individuals stuck in a career rut take greater ownership of their success. Coaches can help to encourage entrepreneurs to enter the New Career Economy™.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Defines What is New Career Economy™?
Due to the unstable nature of the economy in recent years, the New Career Economy™ can be seen as a progression created by the change in the job market and how people are reacting to it. Instead of sitting back and having fate lie in the market’s hands, many people are starting to step up and take control of their professional destinies. Entrepreneurial-minded individuals are looking for ways to be self-sufficient by no longer relying on the job market, but entering the path of entrepreneurship. Business ownership allows entrepreneurs to control their path versus having the market or someone else dictate what will happen in their future.

When a person decides to take control, it is just the first step to learning what the possibilities would look like. The next step involves educating themselves in order to make the right business opportunity choice for themselves and their family through the discovery process. A business coach can also help in this stage by helping an entrepreneur establish his or her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ (I.L.W.E) goals.

For more information on how a business coach can help you move from Employment to Empowerment, contact a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.

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