Top 5 Career Building Tips for College Graduates from The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell

In an unfavorable job landscape, plagued with part-time and temporary positions, unpromising opportunities and high competition for the few openings available, more recent college graduates are looking for alternative opportunities to begin their professional futures.

A recent analysis by The Associated Press found that 53.6 percent of those with bachelor’s degrees under age 25 were jobless or underemployed, a 12.6 percent increase in the past decade.

“For a new college graduate to predetermine what their career will be fresh out of college can be difficult because the job market is a lot different from the way it has been in the past. Simply having a college degree does not guarantee them their dream job,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell, “Recent college graduates must be able to open up their minds to possibilities that might be different from what they envisioned the job market looking like coming out of school.”

Top 5 Entrepreneurial Career Building Tips for College Graduates

  • Learn from corporate opportunities. College graduates should value the learning experience garnered from getting their foot in the door of an established company. After gaining corporate experience, they will be better able to develop other opportunities within that organization to help them begin to grow a career path.
  • Be open to an opportunity versus a job. Instead of working for someone else, college graduates should consider investing in a business vehicle that can build wealth and equity for themselves versus only acquiring income. College graduates need to be open to different types of possibilities, such as franchise business opportunities, and be open to turning these opportunities into career paths.
  • Young college graduates should not limit themselves to the specific ideas they believe to be true regarding what they want to do and what they are qualified to do. College graduates must open their minds and themselves to more opportunities outside of their comfort zone by eliminating their limiting beliefs.
  • Find a franchise business opportunity that leverages their skill set. When identifying the right opportunity, college graduates should still have an interest in the concept and be able to utilize their experience or skills to provide support. However, it is a myth that you must love a product or service to be able to capitalize on it.
  • Seek support. In this New Career Economy, more job-seeking parents and children are becoming business partners to take control of their professional futures through franchising. Multigenerational partnerships are a way for both parents and children to take control of their professional futures by making everyone active in the business and working together to build a career through long-term, proactive business investment.

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