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Career Ownership CoachingTM Helps Entrepreneur Find Career Satisfaction. David Mitchell relied on Career Ownership CoachingTM from Jeff Baker of The Entrepreneur’s Source® to discover career fulfillment and self-sufficiency.

Jeff Baker spent his career working in information technology and was ready to try a new challenge when he launched his career ownership coaching franchise. He was tired of the corporate grind and interested in pursuing a career following his own vision and ideals. The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career ownership coaching franchise, specializes in guiding individuals on a path to entrepreneurship. Baker learned about his coaching passion while he was on his own journey of discovery with Anna Brambilla, a Career Ownership CoachTM in California. Initially, Baker planned to open a business in information technology, but as he continued on his journey with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, he discovered he had a passion for Career Ownership CoachingTM  and helping people find their purpose.

“Career Ownership CoachingTM really resonates with me. I have no regrets and I’m not looking back,” Baker said. “As a coach, my job is to guide people and help them come to that point of clarity about their future.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® provides Career Ownership CoachingTM at no cost to clients. Career ownership coaching helps people build confidence and define their values. It also prompts seekers to make informed decisions about their careers and set goals for the future. Career ownership coaching helps individuals determine whether entrepreneurship through franchising is a possibility for their future.

More than 15 million Americans have opted to pursue entrepreneurship, and estimates indicate more than 27 million American workers will opt to pursue entrepreneurship by the end of 2020, according to a report from Freshbooks, a small-business resource. Entrepreneurship allows people to work at a career that aligns with their values, provides flexibility and generates self-confidence. Opting for entrepreneurship gives hardworking individuals the welcome chance to escape the corporate rat race and alleviate Battered Career Syndrome®, the feeling of being stuck in a job that doesn’t provide growth opportunities or security.

Baker started his career at The Entrepreneur’s Source® in July 2018 and has worked with a bountiful number of potential entrepreneurs during that time, including David Mitchell, a resident of Lehi, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Mitchell had been downsized from his role as a product manager. He was searching for a career that would provide the lifestyle he was accustomed to and help diversify his investments. He made the decision to dedicate time to working with The Entrepreneur’s Source® when he was contacted by Baker. He was confident Baker would help him find a path of clarity on his career journey.

“Mitchell is a firm believer in multiple income streams. He wanted to determine if reinventing himself was something he was ready to do,” Baker said. “Mitchell hoped to find something that matched his existing Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals. He also wanted to find out if he was a good fit for the business and if the business was a good fit for him.”

The father of five relied on The Entrepreneur’s Source® to help him realize his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals. In addition to conquering the Battered Career Syndrome®, Mitchell desired to find a way to diversify his investments to escape having to rely solely on the stock market to build wealth. “We were able to take things at our own pace. Baker wasn’t pushing us to make decisions,” Mitchell said.

As part of his entrepreneurship journey, Mitchell realized franchising would be the key to his success. Franchising offers business ownership by relying on a proven model with brand recognition, reducing the risk associated with starting a new business from the ground up. Franchisees combine their marketing budget into one pot and rely on the home office’s highly-trained marketing team to promote their business and alleviate the burden of advertising from individual business owners. “You get the benefits of business ownership without having to go through some of the major difficulties of building from scratch, like marketing and hiring,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell opted to pursue business ownership with Conserva Irrigation, a company that specializes in efficient home and commercial sprinkler systems. Conserva Irrigation provided Mitchell with the opportunity to work outside and operate a home-based franchise that is able to survive economic hardship by providing environmentally responsible irrigation. “Conserva Irrigation’s franchisees were very positive and very open. They all enjoy and love the franchise. It was clear Conserva Irrigation’s goal was to help me build a successful business,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell opened his Conserva Irrigation business in July and has been busy driving his business forward. “Every day, we get better and are improving and looking forward to tomorrow as we continue to make forward progress,” he added.

To learn more about how you can get started achieving Your Career 2.0®, visit The Entrepreneur’s Source® to find out more about how Career Ownership CoachingTM can help you achieve your goals.

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