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Todd’s Success Story

Todd never believed being laid off could happen to him. But it did. Twice, within a year. Todd’s lucrative sales job in business development for the tech industry was gone, so now what could he do? Todd was determined to take control of his own professional life, but doing what? Fortunately, he connected with an…

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  1. Steve’s Success Story

    California native searches for a new path and finds an opportunity to be his own boss! Steve V. was looking for a change. During his corporate career, Steve was recognized for his ability to lead strategically and affect positive change in various departments. He launched, transformed, and rebuilt operations in the consulting, financial services, consumer…

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  2. Marsha’s Success Story

    When corporate downsizing struck, Marsha turned a professional misfortune into a personal opportunity. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been inside Marsha K. Her grandfather was a business owner, as was her father, but Marsha pursued, excelled, and prospered in a career within the corporate world. Marsha rose through the ranks at a leading insurance provider,…

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  3. Conquer Economic Uncertainty

    Career Ownership Provides Relief During ‘Dog Days’ of Summer Embrace the dog days of summer and conquer economic uncertainty by taking ownership of your career. The dog days of summer and current events are causing many Americans to simply go through the motions of their jobs without hope or optimism. The endless string of hot,…

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  4. Embrace your Growth Mindset

    Security Expert Follows New Career Path with Multi-Unit Mindset™ After spending a successful career in the security industry, Doug Dalrymple signed up for career ownership coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source® to discover a new path and pursue his Multi-Unit Mindset™. Dalrymple spent 30 years building a career in the security industry. Most recently, he purchased Crown Security…

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  5. Ownership Drivers Seat

    Automotive Engineer Pursues New Future  Jumped into the drivers seat and took ownership of his Career 2.0 – Manoj Srivastava partnered with an innovative franchise focused on offering technology-based solutions to help businesses grow. Srivastava spent his career in Detroit, Michigan, working in the automotive industry. Most recently, as a Chief Engineer, Srivastava managed a team…

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  6. Let Freedom Ring

    As we celebrate our nation’s independence, consider cutting ties with corporate America and discover the possibilities of a brighter future. When our forefathers got tired of paying taxes to a country across the pond, they took a leap of faith and struck out on their own. Today the nation that started with only 13 states…

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  7. Passion for people and pets

    Longtime project manager, Chuck Klingsick, combined his passion for pets and his skills managing a team to launch a new career in pet training. After spending 30 years working in the information technology field, primarily as a project manager, Klingsick was ready to try something new. During his career as a project manager, Klingsick helped…

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  8. Diamond Veteran Achieves Financial Freedom

    Diamond Veteran Pursues #FinancialFreedom Eisler recently helped Michael Baznick discover a path to a new future. Baznick had spent his career working in distribution for the diamond industry. He logged a lot of time traveling to the company’s mines in northern Canada, as well as traveling to India and Belgium. Baznick accepted a package to…

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  9. Celebrate Entrepreneurship

    If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, or not having the funds to achieve your goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® has the answer. Celebrate National Be a Millionaire Day by letting a Career Ownership Coach™ help you discover the financial freedom that comes with achieving the American dream. Despite hard work, dedication and drive,…

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