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Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is all most here, (how is it July already?!?!).   But there’s another holiday we at The Entrepreneur’s Source® believe is well worth mentioning: National Hot Dog Day on July 22nd (or the 15th, depending on the source. It’s not every day you can celebrate a holiday twice in the same month!). It’s all part of July’s…

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  1. 4-Step Fix to Beat ‘Summertime Blues’

    As  carefree days and warm nights of summer roll in, so does (for most of us) the want to get away with family and friends… And then the hard truth hits us,” we don’t have the freedom to make it happen. Have you ever dreamed of what it could be like to trade your office…

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  2. Taking Ownership Of Your Career

    Originally Published in Forbes May 27, 2020: “Why Now Is A Good Time To Take Ownership Of Your Career” by Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. If there is a bright spot in the business world, it may be found in the self-sufficiency offered through franchising. When COVID-19 quickly spread across the United…

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  3. Let Go of Worry by Choosing Career Ownership

    If you are one of the 40 million people who have filed unemployment claims since the outbreak of COVID-19, let go of your worries and find hope through career ownership. The number of unemployed people who reported being on a temporary layoff increased about ten-fold to 18.1 million in April, and the number of permanent…

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  4. A New Path Forward for Aging Workers: Career Ownership Coaching

    Take control of your destiny as you prepare for Your Career 2.0® by turning to career ownership to provide job security and meet your financial goals during this unique time. The outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States had a staggering impact on the job market and the economy. Governors across the country issued stay-at-home…

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  5. Ending Battered Investor Syndrome

    Pandemic Prompts Americans to Reevaluate Investments and Career Ownership If your portfolio has taken a hit in recent weeks from the volatile stock market, it is the perfect time to consider turning to self-sufficiency through career ownership to take control of your financial future. Stay-at-home orders, school closures and remote workplaces are changing the way…

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  6. Remembering and Honoring Those Who Serve

    The Entrepreneur’s Source, proudly supports those that serve, their families and our veterans every single day, but May is special. Not only do we pause on Memorial Day to honor and remember the sacrifice and service of those who gave all fighting for our freedom, but May is the month we celebrate several military anniversaries…

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  7. Career Ownership Coaching™ via Franchising Leads to Success

    The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career ownership™ coaching organization, believes the key to kickstarting your career 2.0 and exploring your own self-sufficiency is to consider all career possibilities. Stay-at-home orders have caused many businesses to temporarily close their doors, leaving workers adrift and with more time to tune in to the news. While most…

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  8. Franchising Affords Financial Security During Economic Uncertainty

    As unemployment numbers continue to climb, many Americans are concerned about job security during this unprecedented time and are considering options that give the greater control over their financial future. Since the discovery of the first case of COVID-19 in the United States in January, the daily routines for many Americans have been turned upside…

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  9. Education, Awareness and Discovery Generates Financial Security and Success

    Before exploring the possibilities associated with career ownership™, it is important to go through education, awareness and discovery to make sure your goals, needs and expectations will be met. When exploring self-sufficiency through career ownership™, The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career ownership™ organization, believes it is important to know that franchising has its people’s…

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