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Declare Your Own Independence This July 4th

Have I ever told you the story about John Smyth?

John was an ordinary American and probably a lot like you. Each morning he woke up well before dawn, got ready for work, grabbed a hot beverage to drink, and then started his commute to work. He hated his job. The work wasn’t challenging, the hours were excruciatingly long, and his boss did not appreciate him . He ruled the entire office with an iron fist. The workers had little, if any, benefits. They never seemed to get a break for lunch, much less a vacation. And let’s face it! The pay was absolutely terrible.

But John Smyth put up with it because of his family. He gave up any thought of independence — he was living paycheck to paycheck and always would. Freedom was for the rich, not for a working-class stiff like him. Pretty soon, John didn’t even dream about spending more time with his family, because he knew it was never going to happen. Eventually, he didn’t even try to be happy.

I’ll bet parts of John Smyth’s story sound familiar. There are some differences though. This John Smyth lived in Boston in 1773. He didn’t grab a hot latte for a pick-me-up; he slurped down a cup of tea. His commute to work involved a worn-out mule, if he was lucky, but he probably slogged his way in through mud and filth on foot, but hey — at least the traffic wasn’t so bad!

Years later, John and workers like him would be part of one of the greatest events in history: The American War of Independence. With their blood, they guaranteed that future generations would have something available to them that no one else had ever had before — independence, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Are those just high ideas to you, or are you living them? 

As the CEO and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, I’ve seen thousands of Americans just like John Smyth. One day they decided, “No more!” and took action. They contacted us and that was the crucial first step in their journey of discovery.

You see, I believe there is nothing more innately American than self-employment. Being the master of your own destiny and working in terms that actually afford you some say-so: that is independence.

Having a job that still allows you time to see your son play soccer. Going in to work and still having enough energy left to go out on a date night with your spouse or partner. Being able to take off some time over the summer so you can take your family to the beach and NEVER have to worry about a boss telling you “No.” That is freedom.

Being able to hand a family business down to your son or daughter: that is the declaring that independence live on as part of your family heritage.

It may not be the Boston Tea Party, but The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you start your own revolution. This July, join us for Start a Business Weekend. This is an absolutely free online event that will show you what the world of business ownership has to offer.  You can explore and compare over 170 franchising opportunities and learn about the multiple ways to finance your new business. Since it’s a virtual expo, you can attend by using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It may sound easy, but there is one thing you have to do: sign up! Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source, we can show you the way from employment to empowerment — but you have to take the first step and sign up.

Thank God for those brave colonists who believed in something better. They took that first step, and the cost was huge. We all have the opportunities and the options that we have today because they didn’t… and decided to do something about it.

Let The Entrepreneur’s Source help you start your own personal revolution.   Get started today and work with us to find your franchise match.


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