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Terry Powell’s Response to “Trumped-Up Trickle Down” Economics

Why I Like “Trumped-Up Trickle Down” Economics

It was as if I was born an entrepreneur.   I have always yearned for independence and freedom. I was a rebel growing up, but a rebel with a cause.   My teachers thought my priorities were out of line and my classmates even voted me “least likely to succeed.”   However, my report card didn’t tell the whole story.   My entrepreneurial spirit simply compelled me to focus my energy elsewhere.

I started my first business at 12 – a lawn service company.   At 16, I was a self-sufficient entrepreneur and bought a speedboat and car with my own money. My college career was very short lived. Instead, the education that’s fueled my success came from local business owners who taught me invaluable lessons about business, life and the power of mentorship and coaching.

As an entrepreneur to the core, my career has not been a straight shot to the top.   I’ve had my ups and downs, but I love the fact I am in control of my possibilities, options and dreams…and I love that our purpose at The Entrepreneur’s Source is helping others uncover and control their own possibilities, options and dreams through business ownership.  So, naturally, I believe in an investor friendly and growth-focused economy based on lower taxes, less red tape and regulations and more easily accessible capital that rewards those who create and run successful small businesses – the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy.

That’s why I’m optimistic about what Hillary called “ Trumped-Up Trickle Down Economics.”  Donald Trump has promised to incentivize both small and large business growth by lowering the corporate tax rate and encouraging businesses to invest in America – bringing foreign earnings back to the U.S and reducing growth-destroying regulatory burdens American businesses currently bear.   This will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and create jobs.

Additionally, one of Trump’s most recent cabinet appointments is a big win for franchising and all small businesses (Forbes writer, Amity Shlaes, agrees in  this recent article).   Trump selected Andrew F. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, the company that franchises fast food outlets Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., as Secretary of Labor.   Trump believes Puzder is a perfect fit for the role as he’s created jobs and boosted careers for thousands of Americans and has a proven track record of fighting for important worker rights.

Considering the details of his tax plan and his early cabinet appointments, I am very confident that Donald Trump, a results-based visionary and highly successful entrepreneur, is the kind of force business owners need in the White House. You have to be innovative and disruptive to survive and thrive in business today.  That’s exactly why we are seeing the biggest disrupters to our antiquated and corruptive political system emerging right in front of our eyes.

When it came to casting ballots in 2016, the American people were presented with two options that are synonymous with their two basic career choices – should we stick with the safer, “establishment-approved” option (a consistent paycheck but an uncertain future) or demand a change and take a risk with a political outsider (launching a business with no guarantee of success).   Both options have an associated risk, but which is truly riskier?

All Americans face a similar choice with their career.   And when it comes to the decision between fighting through the “Battered Career Syndrome® for a consistent paycheck and investing in yourself and your future by starting (or owning) a franchise, we think it’s an easy choice at The Entrepreneur’s Source®.   It goes back to the old saying – the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Since our inception at The Entrepreneur’s Source, in even more difficult economic times, we have helped countless disengaged and disenchanted workers invest over $1 billion in franchise businesses.   And now, with a commander in chief who promises to act fast and open doors for aspiring business owners, I can’t wait to see how many people The Entrepreneur’s Source® team can help realize their dreams of business ownership.

So, on that note, even though he’s certainly been voted “least likely to succeed” by many political insiders, here’s to supporting Donald Trump’s vision of taking our country to unprecedented heights and helping all of us uncover possibilities, options and dreams we previously thought impossible!

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