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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Achieving the Impossible With the Help of “Mission Control”

Fifty years ago, America did the impossible… or at least what was believed by many to be the impossible. On July 20, 1969, 240,000 miles from Earth,  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, landed on the surface of the moon.

“Houston,” Armstrong said. “Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed.”  “Roger, Tranquility. We copy you down,” came the reply from Charlie Duke in mission control. 

The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin "Buzz" E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.

The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.

Six hours later at 10:56 p.m. EDT,  Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon while a worldwide audience watched it unfold in real-time. How many different emotions did that audience of more than a half a billion feel do you think? Fear, excitement, awe, and triumph: I suspect all of them.

America is the leader in doing what many believe to be the impossible. How do we do it? It’s a combination of American ingenuity and our particular brand of drive! It’s that desire to blaze our own path — and to go places where others say we can’t. And if there’s anything we love here at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, it’s doing the thing that others say we can’t. Accomplishing the impossible. That drive is alive and well, and it can be found in the entrepreneurial spirit.

Thirty-five years ago, our Visionary Founder, Terry Powell, realized something important; something that has since changed thousands of lives for the better. As an entrepreneur himself, he realized that out of all the people that were interested in becoming self-sufficient through business ownership, only 5 percent were being helped along the path. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 95 PERCENT? They were written off as “tire kickers” that weren’t ready to move forward with cash in hand. Far too many people were giving up on their pursuit of the American dream way too soon. All they needed was a little guidance and education to help them along their road to success.

So, we ask you — What if the engineers and the astronauts at NASA had listened to the naysayers about putting a man on the moon? Lucky for all of us, they didn’t listen. Neither did Terry, and neither should you!

Terry’s vision became The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise. For 35 years now, we’ve helped thousands realize that the “impossible” is actually pretty simple when you have someone to help guide you.

That’s what we do at The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Our alternative career coaches provide you with awareness and education and help you along your own path of self-discovery until you reach your own moment of clarity — that moment where you realize that your goals, needs, and expectations aren’t impossible, and you see the path forward to achieving them.

Those astronauts had the power of a Saturn V rocket to propel them forward; our seekers have their own powerful technology to turn to. Our exclusive Start a Business Weekend® is the nation’s largest online franchise business expo, allowing you to begin your journey from the comfort of your own home! Our exclusive FranchiseMatch® tool allows you to explore opportunities in just two minutes.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is in the business of exploring possibilities. We are a group of coaches dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. You do it at your own pace. Shoot for the stars from a safe space.

So tonight, I encourage you to take a moment to look up to the night sky and imagine the courage it took for those brave men and women who landed those first men on the moon. They pursued their dream and ignored those who said it was impossible, and today we are all the better for it. You too can launch your way toward undiscovered territories. We know it can be uncomfortable to make a change, but it can also be exciting, awe-inspiring, and triumphant. And The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers you this guarantee — you will not be alone in your efforts to make the impossible/possible.

Are you interested in learning how you can become empowered with help from The Entrepreneur’s Source® family?    Get started by exploring your I.L.W.E – your ideal income, lifestyle, wealth and equity.


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