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The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Are you Ready to Kick Butt?

Kick Butt or Keep Kissing It: The Key to Your Future is You 2.0.

When 2017 roared in, you made bold resolutions and told yourself that this year would be different. Your frustration levels at your current job are through the roof! You may be living paycheck to paycheck. You have had enough of sacrificing time with your family to work more hours at a job which has no security, and no future! As we say at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, you’re simply fed up with suffering from Battered Career Syndrome.

It’s time to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions in 2017 and take control of your own life.   It’s time to sail your own ship.   To kick butt and stop kissing it!

At The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we call that creating YOU 2.0.   We are so passionate about it that we joined forces as a franchise coaching network and wrote a book about it called “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome.”

So – how do you get started?   Here are 7 steps, we’ll call it the 7 for ’17, to help you get on the right path toward kicking butt and finding the right alternative career in 2017!

1. The Journey of Discovery

Explore what IS possible. You HAVE options outside the traditional job market! Our coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® will help educate you on those options and help you evaluate them. Your only requirement: bring an open mind. This is the basis of YOU 2.0!

2. What does REAL success look like?

This can have many answers all unique to you, but the idea is to SEE your success, prepare to work your tail off for it, then enjoy it! You probably have some tangible ideas of what success should look like, but we help you boil it down to four key categories at The Entrepreneur’s Source®.   We call it I.L.W.E. – more Income, better Lifestyle, real Wealth, and true Equity. Are your prioritizing those four categories in your current position?   Or are you just focusing on a pension and/or 401k, which may, or may not be enough when you do finally retire?

3. Explore and Evaluate Your Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths

To become YOU 2.0, you need to honestly address all three, then ask yourself the toughest questions about how you can truly be self- sufficient. Creating confidence by working with a franchise coach as you find those answers is key.

4. Overcoming obstacles

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we call these the “F-words”: Frustration, Fear, Financial Constraints, even Family and Friends. Most can hold you back, unless you concentrate on this “F-word”: Financial Freedom. Obstacles are real, and will be addressed, but can be overcome, with clear, reasoned thinking.

5. Leaning in

You’re liking the idea of becoming self-sufficient and of taking charge of your life. BUT do you want to be a “lone wolf”, making all the decisions yourself, or join a thriving franchise system? If so, which one?    At The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we help you lean in and empower you to select which franchise best suits your personality, skills and goals.

6. Personal Coaching

If other professionals have personal coaches, why can’t you? No one has all the answers to every question of business ownership. You will need help, as well as a willingness to be held accountable to your needs, dreams, and goals.

7. Final Steps/Financing

You may need financial support to become YOU 2.0, but that can come from many different sources. So, which source is right for you? Borrowing from your 401K? Going to a bank? Other resources? There is help available to provide specific answers for you.

It’s time to stop focusing on fears/obstacles and most certainly time to stop kissing butt and enduring Battered Career Syndrome.   One twelfth of the year is already gone.   It’s time to make those resolutions a reality and begin kicking butt for you, your family, and your future.

You 2.0 is waiting for you to take action…now!   Get started at https://entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.

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