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The Entrepreneur’s Source Explains The Battered Investor Syndrome

Overcoming Battered Investor Syndrome: The Entrepreneur’s Source Highlights Benefit of Investing in Franchising

Many people are experiencing The Battered Investor Syndrome®. Investors have taken many roller coaster rides with their investments, especially over past decade. The majority of people place the power of their wealth-building and investments to others outside their control: Wall Street. In turn, the financial community they trusted to do the right thing and continue to build their portfolios and yield a reasonable return have often left investors disappointed.

Portfolios are dependent on the economy, the stock market, unemployment, and many other factors outside of investors’ control. Many variables impact the results of reactive investments. People make reactive investments into their financial futures not only to be able to pay their bills when they retire, but also to live the type of lifestyle that they would like to live. Investors are beaten up and battered.

Even those who experience a handsome return are very aware of the risk and are beginning to shift beyond the idea that others should control their wealth exclusively.

How to Overcome Battered Investor Syndrome

In this New Career Economy®, it makes sense for investors to evaluate their portfolios and reallocate a portion of investments to a proactive side, such as a business franchise opportunity. This type of approach also makes good diversification sense.

Investors are taking control of their financial futures by investing in proven business opportunities.  The shift toward more proactive investments in the form of franchise opportunities are helping investors experience a more reliable return on investment.

Benefits of Investing in a Franchise Business Model:

  • Existing brand awareness
  • Marketing support provided by the franchisor
  • Market knowledge of products or services
  • Established business systems with ongoing support
  • Designated geographic operating territories that manage competition
  • Combined buying power with suppliers
  • Reduced failure rates compared to other small business start-ups

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