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The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Coach Success Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Coach Success Story: A New Chapter, New Challenge for “Retiree”

Americans are redefining aging! Getting older used to mean retiring from your decades-old career, maybe spending a little time puttering around your house, maybe playing some golf, and generally just figuring out what retirement looks like for you.

But today, people toting AARP cards are deciding to zig rather than zag and The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) is helping them do it. Americans are living longer, are more health conscious, and considering the ups and downs of the economy, are still looking to build upon their income, lifestyle, wealth, & equity goals.   Few retirees are looking to work a 50-hour work week, face daily commutes, and return to the daily grind. Older workers, rather, are redefining retirement, and our Alternative Career Coaches are helping them write the next chapter.

Rick Weaver is a great example. After working as an executive for 50-plus years in the Detroit area, Rick found himself at a crossroads. At the age of 64, many people are looking to wind down; but Rick was starting a whole new adventure.

“To be honest, when my last position ended, I did not give any thought to retiring. I enjoy working and helping people whether it is brightening their day or helping them find hidden talent.”

Rick considered taking another shot at the day-to-day corporate grind. “I tried to find another position, but my wife and I have always dreamed of owning our own business, so we began to examine the possibilities.”

It was during a trip to Yosemite National Park, surrounded by the majestic beauty of raw nature, where the silence from society beckons thoughtful reflection and contemplation that Rick received a sign.

“Suddenly my phone rang. In the tranquility and remoteness of that park, cell phones are not much good other than for taking pictures. Yet, suddenly, my phone rang,” Weaver says. It was Career Transition Coach Greg Manzer. Stunned that the call had gone through, Rick and his wife took it as a sign.

Manzer and Weaver began the process. “For us, this is about an education, not a sales process,” says Manzer. “As long as the person on the other end of the phone is open to possibilities, this is about providing them with access to information they wouldn’t otherwise get.”

With TES, clients set the pace. “Ultimately, if they are open to exploration, they are going to get to a point of clarity on whether or not business ownership is right for them ,” says Manzer. “It doesn’t cost anybody anything other than investing time in education, awareness, and discovery.  In Rick’s case, he quickly realized where he wanted to go. He knew what he wanted, and he went for it.”

For Rick Weaver, he trusted The Entrepreneur’s Source process… and his coach. “Over his career, he (Greg Manzer) developed his communication skills which allow him to listen with true empathy.”

As Manzer got to know Rick, a couple of things began to stand out. “Rick is a family guy, and he really wanted the flexibility to spend time with them. He’s also a people person. He truly likes people and helping them.”  Rick decided on a business in the professional services industry. “Rick knew his strengths, and he knew the business would be a good fit for him,” Manzer says.

“Now I feel I have personal value in my work. I am loving the business and can see the impact it can have on others. Best of all, I can enjoy being involved in the business today and will have continued pleasure when I step back into the role of absentee-owner,” enthuses Weaver.

The Encore Career trend is rising, and franchising can offer the perfect fit for those looking to the future. At TES, our coaches work with clients, taking them on a discovery process that ultimately provides a point of clarity — a point where the best way forward ultimately presents itself.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source® has a great process,” Rick says, “and with people such as Greg taking the time to so actively listen, they have the processes for success.”

Is retirement in your near future? Would you rather “zig” while everybody else “zags”? Rick Weaver says go for it! “If you still have the passion to work with others, want to figure out problems utilizing what you have learned and yearn for challenging situations in which you can resolve issues… then keep going!”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help. Contact us for a one-on-one with an alternative career coach today!

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