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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Helping Everyone Live the Dream

The Entrepreneur’s Source: Helping Everyone Live the Dream. For 19 years, Judy Stoleson has been listening to the hopes and dreams of her clients. One day she had a realization: “I am living their dream.”

Judy is a coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source® and can remember when it was SHE who was going through the process of discovery. After years spent in the world of corporate accounting, and then more as the co-owner of a medical supply business, Stoleson, weary of the road, handed in her resignation.

“I was on the road constantly. I enjoyed the work I was doing, but there was so much traveling,” Stoleson says. “You travel and you lose contact. I really missed cultivating friendships. Luckily, my children were grown because I couldn’t have done it at all as the mother of small children.”

She considered looking for another job, maybe something that would require less travel. It was a mentor that made her think twice. “He asked me, ‘Why are you looking for employment? Look for a business opportunity instead.’”

That’s when Stoleson found herself sitting in the same seat as every one of her clients: she was working with an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES). She knew she wanted self-sufficiency and she really wanted to set her own hours, but how?

For a moment, she considered investing in a transmission franchise, but realized that becoming an alternative career coach with TES offered her the two most important components she was looking for: 1) the opportunity to help other people toward self-sufficiency and 2) the opportunity to be a value in her community.

“That’s what we give our clients at The Entrepreneur’s Source® — the chance to compare all of their opportunities.” And for Stoleson, coaching was the way forward. “It was a lot of hard work at first. For the first two or three years, I hardly looked up. But it also allowed me to set my own hours. Today, it’s a delightful mix.”

Today, during meetings with her clients, Stoleson hears echoes of her own experience. “They almost always say, ‘I want to work with a business or product that is useful.’ Well, I understand that. I love small business. It’s the backbone of the American economy. It helps people and it creates jobs.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® has been “helping people and helping create jobs” for 35 years now, and Judy Stoleson has been a part of almost 20 of those years. Beyond changes in technology, she doesn’t believe the company has really changed that much at all. “People haven’t changed. People’s needs, wants and desires haven’t changed. Things I learned during my training to become a coach haven’t really changed: The answer to what people want to do is inside them and we have the privilege of bringing that out of them.”

The great irony for Judy Stoleson is travel. At one time it was the catalyst that led her to resign from her job and begin a new chapter in her life, a chapter of self-sufficiency. Her discovery was realizing a desire to be in charge of her own schedule. Now that she’s in charge of her time, can you guess what Judy spends weeks doing every year? “Two weeks a year in Mexico doing mission work, Lebanon, India, Dubai, visiting family. It’s a beautiful life.”

“We’re in the business of encouraging our clients to dream and to fulfill their dreams,” says Judy Stoleson. As a new client begins their process of discovery, Judy will smile, knowing that their dream can become their reality… she is living proof.

Are you interested in exploring your own possibilities, options and dreams and building toward self-sufficiency, just like Judy?   Get started here: www.entrepreneurssource.com.

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