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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Is Your Job a Battleground?

The Entrepreneur’s Source: Is Your Job a Battleground?  What kind of relationship do you have with your boss? When you walk in the door at work, does it feel like home or a battleground?

They’re valid questions you should be asking yourself because your answer could mean all the difference between happiness and destructive dissatisfaction.

For Marissa Frois, the answer is easy: work feels like family, and her “boss”, Visionary Founder Terry Powell, is her champion. She can’t imagine herself thriving to this degree in any other environment. “I started working here when I was in my early to mid-twenties, now I’m 32 and about to enter another exciting chapter in my life with a baby coming in early fall,” Frois says. “It’s interesting to see what I have accomplished both personally and professionally.  I don’t think I would have done any of it if I had worked in a typical corporate America environment.”

Blast from the past: When work feels like family

Frois was working her way through college in Southbury, Connecticut, when she first met Powell and was introduced to The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES). Frois admits she “didn’t know a darn thing about franchising” but Powell knows a hard worker who grasps the entrepreneurial spirit when he meets one. Frois joined the TES team with a plan to put her psychology degree to work by helping thousands of people achieve their dreams.

“The degree helped me in the beginning,” Frois remembers. “It really is interesting to see the way people’s minds work. All TES career transition coaches have the same mission – helping individuals uncover and explore their Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD).

“What I love most about TES is that we focus on the 75% of the adult population that has a strong, to very strong, desire to be self-sufficient, but really don’t know how to begin their discovery experience and might be a little reluctant to make a change.   We help those people with education, awareness, and discovery so they can reach a point of clarity and take control of their future.”

Helping coaches so they can successfully assist their clients is what Marissa Frois does best. “One of my primary goals is to help our franchisees with client engagement. We want them to be as successful as possible.”

Frois finds that a desire to help others is what drew her to The Entrepreneur’s Source® in the first place…and she believes it hasn’t changed over the years.

“The way we approach education has changed due to technology advancements, but our core values are the same. The message is the same, but we are finding unique ways to help our clients transition into their Career 2.0.  People really are wanting to take more of a self-directed approach. ”

Seekers (that’s those looking for a change, but who are unsure what it might be!) are finding exclusive TES tools, like Franchise Match® and Start a Business Weekend®, an invaluable step in their journey toward self-sufficiency. It allows them to explore the possible avenues towards their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, & Equity goals from the comfort of their own home and at their own pace before taking that next step of contacting a career transition coach. With the help of technology and, eventually, an alternative career coach, your journey of self discovery can take you places you might not ever have imagined.

“One of the biggest things I say to people is to keep an open mind, especially during the education, awareness, and discovery stage.  You might learn about things you’ve never heard of before, and be willing to learn new things. You’ll get to that point of clarity, but you won’t if you are closed off,” Frois recommends.

Nearly a decade with The Entrepreneur’s Source® and Frois can say emphatically that she’s happy she never worked in corporate America.

“In corporate America, I feel like you’re just a number. I’ve never felt that one day here!” The glue that brings it all together is a company-wide belief in providing people with the tools they need to feel empowered and to succeed. “I love the entrepreneurial spirit and what you can achieve with it. The Entrepreneur’s Source® is home for me. It just feels right.”

Are you a woman interested in learning how you, too, can become empowered as part of The Entrepreneur’s Source® family?    Get started by exploring your I.L.W.E – your ideal income, lifestyle, wealth and equity.

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