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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Millennials and Entrepreneurship

The New Breed of Candidate: How Millennials Are Changing The Face Of Entrepreneurship

Views on millennials can be as different as night and day. Some people have an impression that they are entitled and remiss, while others see them as ambitious and tech-savvy. One thing is clear: millennials are not doing business as usual.

Millennials and Entrepreneurship

For 35 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source has been warning you about the New Career Economy. We’re seeing an end to the days when you went to work for one company, stayed there until retirement, and then relaxed in contentment with your pension in the bank. Workers are moving around more, facing obstacles like layoffs and downsizing…and from the looks of it, millennials aren’t falling for it! Still, they’re not sure how to move forward.

A nationwide survey published by EY, a professional services firm, and EIG (Economic Innovation Group) had some interesting findings:

  • Millennials overwhelmingly (78 percent) consider entrepreneurs successful.
  • 62 percent of millennials have considered starting their own business.
  • 55 percent believe their generation is more entrepreneurial than past ones.
  • 42 percent of millennials believe they don’t have the financial means to start a business.

So, what do we take away from this? Millennials should consider entrepreneurship as their path to a future of self-sufficiency.


A Self-Directed Approach to Self-Sufficiency

The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped tens of thousands of clients  move forward so they can realize their I.L.W.E. dreams using our unique process of self-discovery. Our career transition coaches don’t tell you WHAT to do — and all indications point toward a generation of people who definitely aren’t looking to be told what to do!

Instead, we help you explore the possibilities while giving you the tools needed to take a more self-directed approach.  You set the pace. You even decide where! It can be your desk or even sitting on your couch. That’s because your journey toward financial freedom begins with your computer or mobile phone with our groundbreaking tool that can be done online, in the comfort of your own home (or on the beach if want!) at a time that is convenient for you.

FranchiseMatch lets you begin exploring franchising opportunities in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. It’s designed to take what could otherwise be an overwhelming task and make it more focused and manageable, and you can do it all on your computer or phone.

You move forward at your own pace. You work with an alternative career coach when you are ready. They can help you discover options you never knew existed or would have prematurely dismissed. … and would never dream could be so affordable.


Entrepreneurship Through Franchising

Franchising makes sense because it helps take away some of the risks that are associated with starting a new business. It’s often described as a way to “be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” With our client experience, you will be looking at possibilities that align with your goals, needs, and expectations.

The Entrepreneur’s Source will help you explore options to your goals, needs, and expectations.


An Achievable Dream

Business ownership is an achievable dream and there are options out there that will suit almost all lifestyles and finances. Some entrepreneurs are getting business degrees and starting their own franchises right out of college. Others are skipping college altogether and using that money to start their own franchise instead. We’re also seeing family businesses, with parents and their children going in together to make a successful franchise.

The point is, if you can imagine it, The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you achieve it and we can do that at your pace. You’re not doing business as usual, you’re doing business as YOU!

Are you a millennial interested in exploring your own possibilities, options and dreams and building toward self-sufficiency?   Get started here: www.entrepreneurssource.com.

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