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The Entrepreneur’s Source Profile: A Valentine’s Day Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Profile: A Valentine’s Day Story of One Couple’s Personal and Professional Success

Magnus and Karin Olason just might be considered an international power couple. Magnus is from Iceland, Karin from Brazil. They met as key corporate representatives, on teams of their two, respective food processing manufacturing companies, discussing an eventual merger. But, the seeds of a more personal merger were sown there.

“Seeing her for the first time was like being hit by a bolt of lightning, “says Magnus. “I pretty much knew from that meeting I wanted to have a relationship with her.”

Karin also felt the electricity in that first meeting.

“The attraction was almost immediate with me as well. It’s one of those things when you know, you just know.”

Karin and Magnus first 7 dates were something out of a romance novel. They rendezvoused in 7 different countries, including Italy, Holland, England, Brazil, and the US. Then Magnus, totally smitten by now, left his company, to take a job with Karin’s company in Brazil. They worked side by side, eventually marrying in 2009. But it was during this time, the seeds for another type of partnership took root.

“We both were entrepreneurially oriented,” according to Magnus, “but we also had children from previous relationships, who needed our care and support. We had to put business ownership on the back burner, but for a very good reason.”

Two years ago, the couple moved to the US when Magnus’ company transferred him here. All but one of the children were grown and gone. Karin and Magnus realized if they were going to pursue their entrepreneurial dream, it was now or never.

“We worked with Jeff Levy, an Alternative Career Coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source®, who helped us greatly work through our education, awareness, and discovery process of finding the best fit possible for business ownership that would meet our Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals,” remembers Karin.

“Magnus and I were impressed with the coach’s attention to detail, as well as his support of us. He never tried to push us into anything. He laid out the facts, then allowed us to make the decision.”

The couple eventually chose an established “College Hunks Hauling Junk” franchise in the Seattle area. But Magnus had some initial doubts.

“I remember looking at our coach after he presented us with this possible match with “Hunks”, recalled Magnus, “and I sarcastically said, “I have always dreamed of a business like this.” But after really digging into the company’s model, value, scalability, and other points, I was all in.”

They have owned the franchise for 2 months, and have really meshed well as a team, separating the duties between themselves. Magnus takes more of the overview of the franchise, while continuing to work for his company. Karin is more of the day to day operations. Both are putting in 12- hour days, and Magnus will even jump on a truck during the weekends to get a better feel for the work and their employees. Together, Karin and Magnus believe they’re changing the culture of the franchise to one of being more client satisfaction focused. They believe the business has a potential to make $1M this year, while projecting even greater growth for next year.

But even spending so much time together, with the pressures of starting a business, they have managed to keep their personal relationship, first.

“We realized these first couple of years, the business would be all-consuming,” says Karen, “but because we already had such a solid relationship in place, we’re able to maintain a sense of normalcy. I would advise any couple wanting to own their own business that having that kind of foundation is an absolute necessity in running a business together.”

Magnus agrees, but conflict is only natural among couples. However, he offers this insight for making sure there is resolution.

“Communication. There has to be lots of communication for this to work,” says Magnus. If we do have a business- related disagreement, which is rare, we just talk it through until we can both reach a conclusion beneficial to the business. Because Karin’s in charge of day to day operations, I respect her opinion, and she respects mine as well. We both have great confidence in each other’s skill-sets.”

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