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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews the 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Primary Aim

5 Steps to Uncovering Your Primary Aim with the Help of The Entrepreneur’s Source.

If you feel fulfilled and that you’re living life with purpose, then you have found your Primary Aim. Your Primary Aim is your innermost driving force – it is what gives you a sense of direction and purpose. It motives you to your highest level of energy and sustains you over the long haul. Your Primary Aim is the source of the vitality, commitment and vision you need to get the most out of your life and your career.

However, the vast majority of individuals aren’t in touch with their Primary Aim. It’s there, within all of us, but most of us simply haven’t taken the time to identify it. Some of us may even avoid it because we know we would then be compelled to execute on it. Your Primary Aim is a matter of discovery, not invention. You don’t create your Primary Aim; it already exists within you.

Are you looking to uncover your Primary Aim so you can actively shape your life and career rather than passively accepting whatever joy and pain happens to come your way? Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the five step process of uncovering your Primary Aim so you can start playing an active role in shaping your future, creating your happiness and experiencing success.

The 5 Step Process to Finding Your Primary Aim
For most of us, the process of uncovering our Primary Aim involves finding new ways of looking at ourselves and our lives. It answers questions about our core values, beliefs and dreams. The process requires you to look inward and get in touch with your feelings to guide you to find what truly is important to you.

To start getting in tune with uncovering your Primary Aim, follow these five steps:

1. Identify what you don’t want.

Begin the process by creating a list of what you don’t want any longer in your life. Once you’re done listing all of these items, read through your list carefully and be aware of the feelings that each specific item brings up. Circle the items (narrow it down to 1-6) that trigger the strongest negative emotions for you.

2. Recognize what you do want.

Next, create the opposite list of what you did in step one. Start writing down the elements that you do want in your life. Stay away from material things and money and instead focus on non-tangible items. Once you’ve completed your list, read through and circle the items (narrow it down 1-6 items) you most want to be a part of your life and that bring the strongest feelings of happiness.

3. Prioritize and Break Barriers.

Create a new list of these most-important items from your “do” list and rank them from the most important to the least important. Read through each item and brainstorm the barriers that get in the way of you achieving them. Write these barriers down next to the item. This step will help you better visualize and prioritize how you can achieve these goals. It’s important to be aware of limiting beliefs. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you are right.”

4. Write Your Eulogy

This may feel a little funny at first, but think of the far-off day in your future when you’re gone and all of your friends and family are assembled at your memorial. What do you want your eulogy to say? Write down what you wish others remembered you for and what others said about you once you’re gone.

5. Assemble Your Primary Aim

Write a statement of the essence of your Primary Aim. This should be a single sentence that describes what you want your life to be like in order for it to express what’s most important to you. It should make you feel energized, enthusiastic and committed. Keep re-writing until your final statement makes you feel this way.

Congratulations! After following these five steps, you should have established you Primary Aim! However, uncovering your Primary Aim is just the first step in moving from Employment to Empowerment.

Once your Primary Aim is uncovered, it’s time to bring your Primary Aim to life! This is where a coach can be of great benefit to you. Alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneurs Source are like tour guide, helping you through your self-discovery process. A coach doesn’t provide all of the answers to you, he or she asks the questions to facilitate the process of self-discovery. For assistance on getting started on your new career path, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today https://entrepreneurssource.com/blog/.

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