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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: What course will your life take?

Have you asked yourself lately what course will your life take one, three, five years from now? The dream of becoming your own boss and being self-sufficient is often exciting. However, the reality of making it happen can be unnerving and often paralyzing. Sadly this causes many to settle for “just getting by” in their careers. Even when faced with the reality of seeing their future income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals slipping away, they choose not to change their course.

Is a mindset stopping you from achieving your dream? Business ownership is frequently misunderstood. Many people believe to be successful you need to be fearless and enjoy living on the edge with little fear of risks or failure. Others think you have to be visionaries and have a blind passion for an individual product or service. These beliefs/mindsets are myths. The truth is successful business owners at their core, are not risk takers. What they are is confident in their well-founded self-belief in their abilities. Successful, self-sufficient individuals are quietly powerful. They are empowered by a clear purpose and motivated by their personal values and goals. . . Inspiring them to focus on career opportunities that have the right conditions for their lives, with proven paths to success.

One small change will make a BIG difference.  Career success is not about taking big leaps … it’s about LOOKING before you leap. How successful you will eventually be will depend upon how you see yourself and how you use your strengths. This vital self-awareness will:

  • Enable you to make career decisions easier
  • Help you identify opportunities you will be open to, and successful in
  • Shape the choices you make and actions you take to reach your goals

You have (and need to be aware of) your own unique combination of skills and strengths. To build a successful career, you must identify these traits and have confidence and freedom to apply them when and where you see opportunity. You need to step out of your comfort zone – TAKE A GOOD LOOK – if you are to succeed. However, many do not know where to turn to start this journey. Here is when working with an Alternative Career Coach will make a big difference. Your coach will assist you on your path to self-confidence and self-sufficiency by helping you:

  • Recognize and harness your core strengths and accomplishments
  • Provide practical guidance on what you can actually change
  • Gain clarity on your life’s vision and goals

The Entrepreneur’s Source: the #1 Resource for Alternative Career Coaching. A highly trusted resource and advocate for individuals who want to become self-sufficient. Esource coaches provide alternative career coaching to all who are interested in being self-sufficient. Every Esource coach is passionate about their client’s success and is respected for their unrivaled knowledge of business ownership and the franchising industry. Our coaching platform is not a business course. It’s a hands-on, step-by-step discovery journey. You set the pace…and we help you uncover insights about yourself and what business opportunities will best fit your goals. Together we will work with you to create a YOU2.0® plan that will break through your fears, take you from Employment to Empowerment®… and get you from where are now to where you ultimately want to be.

Meet Dewayne Holloway, who began working with an Esource coach in February of 2014. Dewayne was extremely cautious and had many reservations. His biggest fear was whether he would be successful. Together, Holloway and his Esource coach worked through his journey of discovery and franchise proposals. Dewayne eventually honed in on the Cell Phone Repair opportunity.  His first day receipts were the largest opening that Cell Phones Repair had ever had. He is already moving forward with his second store and will open his third in 2016. Dewayne overcame his fears and is now living the dream with his income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals well in hand.

“My Esource coach was instrumental in making my dream come true… I can’t be grateful enough for my experience with The Entrepreneur’s Source.” –Dewayne Holloway 2015

“The Entrepreneur’s Source® number one mission is to help individuals gain clarity around their goals, needs, and expectations. To help them pursue their possibilities, options, and dreams. It is remarkable that consistently 95% of our clients discover options they admittedly would never have looked at on their own. However, because they kept an open mind through our coaching process, they are now hitting or exceeding their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. This is why we do what we do; it is to help individuals discover opportunities that will help them accomplish their dreams. It is a great honor and privilege to help people live their dream” Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®

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