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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Sweet Dreams of Security and Happiness

Sweet Dreams of Security and Happiness: Let The Entrepreneur’s Source Help Make Both A Reality!

How well did you sleep last night? Did you drift off to sleep confident that your family was safe and secure no matter what financial emergencies the future might bring?

Or did you toss and turn for hours, trying to put together your family’s financial puzzle? What would happen if there were a lay-off? What would happen if your boss fired you? After coming up with no answers, you finally drift off into an uneasy sleep and wake up feeling anything but rested. It’s a no-win situation. That’s because you’re trying to put together a puzzle with missing pieces!

When you work for someone else you are not in control. That’s frightening. What’s even more frightening are the latest numbers on Americans and their financial savings. Experts recommend households reserve at least six months’ worth of emergency expenses in a savings account. A new Bankrate survey finds that just 29 percent of Americans say they have that large of a reserve.

Wealth is the state of being prosperous in the long term. Wealth is about taking income and growing it through investments, assets, or other diversifying tools. Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we believe Wealth is one of four key components you must identify in order to find your ultimate happiness through self-sufficiency. Only you can define your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity. It’s up to you to come up with the answers, but you won’t have to do it alone.

As you go through your Discovery Journey your Alternative Career Coach will be with you every step of the way — challenging you and motivating you — but always at your own pace. The answers to each of these questions are very individualized. Only you know how much wealth you truly want. Sure, we would all probably agree that we want to be fantastically wealthy… as long as we hit the winning lotto numbers. But how much are you willing to work for it? Will you ever be able to achieve that in your current situation?

When you start your own journey of self-discovery, you may find (get ready to take a deep breath!) that you would be happy with less wealth than you imagine. There are those that are happy working less and accumulating less wealth; six months in the bank and a three-day work week and they are sleeping like a baby. But most people find that wealth is a long-term goal. Wealth is accumulated; it doesn’t happen overnight. Once you realize your short-term AND your long-term goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help you make them happen.

We all want to make sure our family is safe and secure and taken care of in the future. We all definitely want a good night’s sleep!

The key is balancing all of that with your personal happiness. You can do that when you have all the pieces of the puzzle and your Career Ownership Coach™ to help you!

To discover what new career  opportunities are waiting for you, check out our exclusive FranchiseMatch® tool. It’s free and it only takes a couple of minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

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