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The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on Overcoming Your Fears

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on overcoming your fears.

In corporate America, work satisfaction is low, and confidence is even lower among many employees. According to a Gallup Study, over 70 percent of the U.S. employed population is unsatisfied in their careers. Working in corporate America often creates an inflexible and unpredictable atmosphere for many professionals. Even after years of hard work, a huge portion of Americans are still not confident in their ability to retire.

While the economy and job market continue to improve, why spend another year trying to survive the corporate grind and feeling like you are working on someone else’s dream instead of your own? If you identify with this feeling of distress, then you most likely are suffering from Battered Career Syndrome, and it’s time to break out of the mundane 9-5 work routine and at the very least explore your options. What do you have to lose?

Is fear of the unknown holding you back from learning and exploring something new and different? What if you were to find out that the fears you may associate with self-sufficiency are based on false evidence appearing real. Would it make a difference? Would it be worth it to you to learn about what’s out there that may allow you to finally take steps toward career satisfaction and true work-life balance?

Overcoming your Fears
Fear is one of the most paralyzing hurdles facing individuals who are seeking self-sufficiency. The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise advises to recognize fear for what it most likely is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s incredibly important to keep an open mind during the process of becoming self-sufficient via business ownership to ensure that your fears don’t take over. The most successful business owners are frequently not experts within the field in which they choose to open a business in – rather they are in the business of business. These individuals have figured out that doing what you know, love and enjoy does not necessarily translate to success. You don’t need to be in love with a product or service in order to be able to capitalize on it.

“We have been helping individuals explore what it takes to be self-sufficient for over 30 years, and 95 percent of the business owners we’ve helped are in a business they admittedly never would have looked at on their own or would have prematurely dismissed,” added The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell.

For more information about how you can overcome the fears blocking your path toward self-sufficiency, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today. E-Source coaches are trained in guiding their clients through the process of overcoming their fears of self-sufficiency and ultimately finding an alternative career path that can lead them to their goals and aspirations.

To contact a coach today, click here: https://entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.

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