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Understanding the Truth Behind The Numbers

Let’s take a moment to talk about market research studies.

We’ve been guiding budding entrepreneurs through the career transition journey for more than 35 years. Even through the façade that unemployment is at its lowest rate in 50 years, downsizing and the constant threat of layoffs are still a very real fear for the average American worker.

This was something Terry Powell, the visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), saw with his own eyes. In his quest to share this vision with job-seekers, he wanted proof of his revelation. That’s why he turned to market research all those years ago. It turns out he was right.

Research is Reliable in an Uncertain Economy

Some of the predictions and trends we found back then were a looming economic crash, outsourcing, delayed retirement, and layoffs. Unfortunately, all of our predictions came true. That’s when we developed some of our leading philosophies, including how you can overcome battered career syndrome. With proof in hand, we created a safe space for individuals to go through education, awareness, and discovery to explore how to achieve their dream of self-sufficiency.

After years of helping hundreds of thousands of  individuals explore self-sufficiency , we wondered if we could find different results if we conducted the study again today. Have things gotten better?

“I think the fact that whether it was 10 years ago or today, the research all points to the fact that the economy is always changing and extremely unreliable,” says Powell. “Corporate America is not what it used to be, and all signs are pointing to the fact that it won’t be going back there anytime soon.”

Research Shows Things Are Not as Good as They Seem. The headlines may say one thing, but the truth is out there for anyone who pulls back the curtain and takes a closer look.

“The statistics out there are skewed to make people believe that things are looking up,” says Powell.

Look at some of the findings from the latest research conducted by The Entrepreneur’s Source®:

  • There aren’t as many jobs out there as you might think. Many companies advertise job openings they have no intention of ever filling.
  • Automation is changing the nature of work, forcing some workers out of industries like manufacturing.
  • Outsourcing is decimating the U.S. work landscape. At the end of 2018, 14 million U.S. jobs were outsourced.

“Individuals owe it to themselves and their families to explore all the possibilities and know some of the truths out there where Corporate America is concerned,” says Powell. “It’s really the only way you can reach that point of clarity where you realize you do have possibilities!”

Turning Research into Success

Now that the truth is uncovered, the challenge is determining how to present it. It’s no secret that business ownership is the primary driver of personal wealth. This new research becomes another tool TES uses to help workers overcome the mental barriers keeping them from fulfilling their dreams of self-sufficiency.

“Once you recognize the problem, the next step becomes finding the solution,” says Powell. “People would be shocked by how many solutions there really are out there!

The interactive Career 2.0 Launchpad is here to guide seekers through their motivations for a career transition and their unique goals, needs, and expectations for the next phase of their career. Don’t wait for corporate America to wear you down. Take charge of your life and career with the help of the right coach today!

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