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Navigating New Horizons as an Entrepreneur

Guided by Steve Palecek, a career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Dwayne Carpenter exited the corporate world to tackle a future as an entrepreneur.

After more than 20 years in operations and supply chain management, Carpenter yearned for a change. During his career, he held executive and senior management roles at Dorel Home, AvantStay, and Sears Holding, before launching a consulting firm in 2022. After getting a taste of entrepreneurship as a consultant, Carpenter knew it had the potential to provide a path forward.

“I reached a point where I wanted more control over my professional destiny,” Carpenter said. “The idea of creating something of my own, leveraging my operational skills, became increasingly appealing.”

Like Carpenter, at least 28% of people turn to entrepreneurship to be the boss, and 23% are unhappy with their role in corporate America, according to Guidant Financial. There are more than 33.2 million small businesses in the United States. Americans filed 2.7 million new business applications during the first six months of 2023, up 5% from 2022 and 52% from 2019.

Choosing the Path
Carpenter started by researching his options and was leaning towards purchasing an existing business because he could track its past financial performance. While scouring the market for businesses for sale, he connected with Palecek.

Palecek’s journey to career coaching was marked by his transition from the corporate world. The pandemic outbreak ended his career in the experiential marketing industry and forced him to chart a new course. Palecek explored a variety of different options before launching his coaching business in 2021. As a TES coach, Palecek has the freedom to work from anywhere with a high-speed modem, enabling him to move from New Jersey to the mountains of North Carolina.

Palecek’s unique insights and empathy help make him an ideal mentor. As a coach, he focuses on helping people align possibilities with their goals by providing clarity and direction. His approach, which emphasizes education and personalized support, was crucial in guiding Carpenter on the right path for his future.

“Career coaching is a process of discovery and empowerment,” Palecek said. “My own career shift gives me insights into the challenges and opportunities of moving into entrepreneurship. I aimed to help Dwayne navigate his entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision and strategy.”

Carpenter’s methodical approach to selecting a business led him to Surface Experts, a business that aligned with his operational skills and personal goals. Surface Experts works with multi-family housing, hotels, realtors, construction, moving companies, hospitality, and more, to repair damage to hard surfaces. Partnering with a brand to launch a business characterized by operational simplicity and a low initial investment resonated with Carpenter’s vision of an opportunity to provide both financial stability and personal satisfaction.

“Surface Experts stood out as a business that matched my skill set and offered the growth potential I was looking for,” Carpenter said. “My background in managing complex operations was instrumental in setting up Surface Experts of Chicago Northwest for success.”

Carpenter relied on his operational acumen to help launch his successful business. Entrepreneurship opened doors to financial rewards and a lifestyle aligning with his aspirations. It offered him the autonomy to make decisions, the flexibility to manage his time, and the satisfaction of building something meaningful.

“It’s about creating a legacy that resonates with my values,” he said. “The journey has been challenging but deeply rewarding. Steve didn’t just guide me, he empowered me to make informed decisions that were right for my future.”

Build a Better Future
To reclaim your career and achieve financial freedom, contact a Career Ownership Coach™. For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source, visit www.entrepreneurssource.com or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”

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If you are considering a career change, invest in yourself to discover your options, possibilities, and dreams. Chat with one of our coaches to begin your career revolution. To learn more about career coaching, visit www.entrepreneursource.com or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”

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