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The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Reviews How We’ve Built the Leading Resource for Alternative Career Opportunities

The True TES Difference: How We’ve Built The Entrepreneur’s Source Into the Leading Resource for Alternative Career Opportunities

In 1984, I knew there was a better way to help people find successful alternative careers in franchising, and I was ready to prove it to everybody! I just KNEW it would work.

It had better work: I was starting over from scratch.   I was a 36-year-old serial entrepreneur who had just lost everything when my latest business went belly up.   I was divorced and bankrupt with three kids to support.   A former business partner offered me a high-paying job…and I’ll admit, it was very tempting.   Starting something new, yet again, was going to be scary…

But I have never been afraid to gamble on myself. I have been doing it my whole life, when practically everyone else doubted me.   And I knew the only path to financial freedom and the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.L.W.E.™) I wanted lied within myself.    At that pivotal moment, The Entrepreneur’s Source® was born.

I first thought of building a company like The Entrepreneur’s Source® when I worked as a business broker earlier in my career.   I had built a very successful career selling resale businesses to “ready, willing and able” candidates who possessed the confidence and capital to quickly buy in as owners.   Like other brokers, I initially only focused on the 5% of candidates who A) had the financial means; and B) were ready to buy NOW.  All traditional brokers loved those candidates because they meant easy deals and nice commissions.

But I always felt as if there was a major missed opportunity in the other 95% who brokers largely ignored.   People called us crazy, but we’ve always focused on the “dreamers” and “seekers” at The Entrepreneur’s Source® – the 95% seeking more education, awareness and discovery.    These folks, solely restricted by the “Franchise F-words,” are the true alternative career seekers who…

  • are trapped and frustrated in jobs going nowhere
  • have doubts about becoming self-sufficient
  • have many questions about the process, but no help finding answers
  • are convinced jobs are the only future for their careers

I believed there was an opportunity to help those people who were truly seeking education, awareness and discovery. They just weren’t ready to become self-sufficient right away before experiencing our coaching process to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives. For over 33 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source has created a farm club of some of the most successful franchisees who received coaching that took them from Employment to Empowerment®!

This was my vision to help “The Forgotten 95%”:

  • apply no pressure encouraging them to make quick buying decisions
  • create a “one stop shop” for career alternative seekers
  • bring in experienced mentors, known as coaches, to educate clients
  • build strong relationships focusing solely on their client’s goals for Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.L.W.E.™), not quick decisions

I determined most alternative career seekers are really looking for someone to help them understand their options.   They need coaching to help them overcome their fears of transitioning from a conventional career to becoming self-sufficient.  My idea was to start the first pure coaching experience dedicated to guiding them along that journey every step of the way. Only then would they truly be able to enjoy a rewarding life of entrepreneurship.

Today, more than 30 years later, the relevance of what we do has reached an all-time high as demonstrated by 2016 being our highest revenue year to date! The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) has become North America’s leading business ownership and franchise coaching organization, with nearly 700 franchise companies who have partnered with us during that time.   We have worked with those franchisor partners to provide thousands of disengaged and disenchanted former employees opportunities that have helped them become self-sufficient business owners.

Our ability at TES to provide real, honest, one on one coaching guidance, as well as self-directed discovery and educational tools, online, such as “Start a Business Weekend,” or “Franchise Match,” help each of those disgruntled American workers determine if they are right for business ownership.   That’s why we’ve been successful for the last 30+ years…and we can’t wait to see who we can help next!

I am extremely proud that The Entrepreneur’s Source® is the only franchise coaching organization to take the time from the start to invest in a relationship with potential franchise owners – providing unbiased, proven and strategic advice, to truly help them in their quest to be successful entrepreneurs.

If you’re seeking an alternative career and would like to explore your options with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, get started today at http://www.franchisematch.com/.


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