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Passion for people and pets

After working with an Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coach, an independent business owner smiles in the doorway of his bookstore.

Longtime project manager, Chuck Klingsick, combined his passion for pets and his skills managing a team to launch a new career in pet training.

After spending 30 years working in the information technology field, primarily as a project manager, Klingsick was ready to try something new. During his career as a project manager, Klingsick helped manage call centers around the world, including China, India and the United Kingdom. While he did not have to travel for work, he had to conduct meetings at odd hours to accommodate his international coworkers. He took a brief sabbatical from the corporate world during the pandemic to nurse an illness and learned about The Entrepreneur’s Source® while he was hunting for a new opportunity.

“After sitting out of the corporate world for almost a year, I just wasn’t feeling like taking on a new role. I wasn’t clicking to get back into it. When the opportunity arose to own my own business, I decided to consider it,” Klingsick said.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® helps people discover their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals to find financial freedom and self-sufficiency at no cost. Our Career Ownership Coaches™ use a personalized, educational approach to help people identify the best fit for their future. The Entrepreneur’s Source® helps people going through a career transition understand if they want to pursue another role in corporate America, start a business from scratch or try their hand at franchising.

Before entering the corporate world, Klingsick spent 10 years working as a freelance photographer. He was able to set his own schedule and enjoyed the flexibility of owning his own business. “I had a creative side. I enjoyed photography and getting to meet people and going to events,” Klingsick added. However, being on his own did have some drawbacks. He turned to the corporate world for a regular paycheck and predictable schedule when he and his wife started a family. “Photography is great. You work when you feel like it and eat when you work,” Klingsick joked.

Hoping to find more stability as a business owner this time, Klingsick worked with Anna Brambilla, a Career Ownership Coach™, for The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Brambilla started her coaching career with The Entrepreneur’s Source® in October 2017. “I make sure I’m detached from the outcome. I’m focused on the client and helping them discover all the options and see what’s available. I’m on their side of the table,” she added.

Through weekly phone conversations, Brambilla helped Klingsick discover his goals and take steps to pursue self-sufficiency and financial freedom. “I’m not terribly greedy, but I wanted to make enough money that I didn’t have to worry about bills, and I wanted to be my own boss,” Klingsick said. “Anna was easy to talk to and helped me determine my future in a series of steps. She didn’t dump everything on me at once. She eased me into it.”

After considering many options, Klingsick decided to pursue his passion for pets by joining Dog Training Elite, a dog training franchise specializing in empowering pet owners with the skills they need to train their four-legged family members. The franchise will also give Klingsick the chance to work with service and therapy dogs, including emotional support pets who help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. “I love dogs. My new job allows me to spend all day with my dog and get paid for it.”

The pet training business also gave him the opportunity to work with his daughter, who is a fellow dog-lover. His daughter, Cat, owns a 10 percent stake in the business and is a full-time partner.  Cat worked for two years at a local veterinarian clinic handling many different dog breeds as an animal caregiver. This experience provided her with a natural transition to being a dog trainer.

Klingsick purchased the franchise earlier this year and has spent time taking care of back-office tasks, like hiring an accountant and scheduler, before he attends Dog Training Elite’s three-week training program in Utah with his daughter this summer. Once the pair complete their training, they will be able to hit the ground running with their new venture. Initially, the duo will use their own dogs, Sir Isaac Newton and Ygritte, to conduct demonstrations for clients.

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