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The Entrepreneur’s Source Honors Matthew Dudley with Client of the Year Award

gold 2019 Client of the Year Award from The Entrepreneur's Source

The Entrepreneur’s Source Honors Matthew Dudley with Client of the Year Award. Overcoming financial hurdles to achieve a business dream

Confidence, determination, discipline and the advice of an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source led Matthew Dudley on a path to successful business ownership and garnered him the 2019 Client of the Year Award at TES’ 35th annual conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“The proven coaching techniques of The Entrepreneur’s Source helped give Matthew Dudley the hope and tools he needed to transition into entrepreneurship,” said Kyle Cornelison, a TES coach from Mobile, Alabama. “I was honored to present him with the coveted Client of the Year award.”

Dudley spent the first 14 years of his career working in the financial services sector. He was at a turning point in his workplace journey when he was introduced to Cornelison. Dudley admired the respected career coach’s straightforward approach and client-first mentality. TES prides itself on giving clients the tools they need to improve their lives using a discovery and education-based model of career transition coaching.

One of the first exercises Cornelison conducts with every client is to ask them to write down a utopian plan for their future. “I tell all of my clients that I want them to take time to dream about what their life will look like in a perfect world in the next five years. They share their dream of the future with me, and we work together to help make it a reality,” Cornelison said.

Dudley was awarded the 2019 Client of the Year honor because he exemplifies qualities that guarantee success — open to exploration, coachable and possibilities-driven. Dudley kept an open mind during the two-month period he worked with Cornelison, and he is currently hitting, or exceeding, his income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals.

Prior to starting his career coaching journey, Dudley lacked the financial resources to start his own business. He knew entrepreneurship was the ticket to success, but after his first start-up failed to flourish and his job search proved fruitless, Dudley knew he needed to take another approach. Franchising offered him the chance to operate a proven business model and gave him a network of experienced support to help send him down a path to profitability.

“Ownership is the fastest way to make wealth. I like the idea of calling the shots. When you own your own business, you get out of it what you put into it. I know no one will work harder for me, than me,” he said.

After completing his coaching with TES and conducting thorough discovery research, Dudley opted to start his own business with Assisted Living Locators, which offers a no-cost, senior placement service for the elderly. The business appealed to Dudley because it’s a booming, recession-proof industry, and it provides an invaluable service to the local community. “Helping families during the difficult process of finding solutions for their elderly relatives is satisfying,” Dudley said.

With a sound business model and a drive to succeed, Dudley tackled finding investors for his franchise with the same passion and dedication he put into his career search. Dudley relied on a network of former business associates, friends and family to secure a private investor who shared his entrepreneurial vision. Dudley credits Cornelison for helping him navigate his career transition.

“I would recommend anyone dissatisfied with their current career to work with a career transition coach. The way Kyle conducts his coaching business speaks very highly of The Entrepreneur’s Source,” he added.

Finding the right career path comes at the perfect time for Dudley and his wife Vickey. The pair have two daughters in high school, and college tuition is top of mind. When Dudley is not making prospective college visits or working to build his business as an authority in the eldercare industry, he enjoys cycling, spending time outdoors, and suffering through the ups and downs of being a Minnesota sports fan.

“Matt’s a giver. Assisted Living Locators gives him a chance to make an impact on the community and individuals. It allows him the freedom and flexibility to have a life without being tied down to employees or a storefront,” Cornelison said.

If you are interested in finding your own path to self-sufficiency, one of The Entrepreneur’s Source coaches can be your guide. Visit today for more information.

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