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From Crunching Numbers to Chasing Dreams: Finance Exec Charts New Course as Entrepreneur

Finance Executive Turns Entrepreneur With Career Ownership Coaching In a bold career shift, Brian Sullivan transitioned from a high-stakes role in banking and financial services to launching his own business in the senior care industry with the help of career ownership coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Sullivan’s background managing large-scale operational changes in the finance…

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  1. Break Free from Procrastination and Build a Successful Career.

    Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing tasks, is a common behavior that can have significant impacts on various aspects of life. These impacts include rebuilding a career, pursuing entrepreneurship, and taking ownership of one’s professional journey. At its core, procrastination involves putting off important tasks in favor of more pleasurable ones or engaging in…

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  2. Veterans and Entrepreneurship: Exploring Why Many Choose Entrepreneurship 

    Veterans are increasingly becoming synonymous with entrepreneurial success, demonstrating a propensity to start businesses at rates surpassing the general population. Their service experience often ingrains valuable leadership, discipline, and risk management skills – attributes that translate effectively into the entrepreneurial landscape. This transition from military service to business ownership also offers a sense of autonomy…

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  3. Create A Legacy of Opportunity: Leaving Your Children More Than Money

    Building a Legacy: Owning Your Future as an Entrepreneur For centuries, entrepreneurs have been the backbone of economies, driving innovation and creating prosperity. But beyond the immediate impact, entrepreneurship offers a powerful tool: the potential to build generational wealth. Data from the Family Business Institute reveals that over 30% of the Fortune 500 companies are…

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  4. Why Is Change So Difficult

    Why Is Change So Difficult: Unpacking the Challenges of Personal Transformation Change often presents a variety of challenges that make it inherently difficult for individuals and organizations. We are creatures of habit, relying on routines and predictability to provide a sense of security and stability. When faced with change, the uncertainty it brings can trigger…

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  5. Beyond Inheritance: Creating Lasting Value with Your Children

    Building generational wealth through entrepreneurship involves more than just creating a successful business—it’s about establishing a legacy that can provide financial security and ­­opportunities for future generations. With a focus on the long-term, entrepreneurs who seek to pass on wealth to their children aim to not only meet immediate financial objectives but also to set…

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  6. Women’s History Month: Honoring Progress, Inspiring Change.

    Celebrating National Women’s History Month: Honoring Progress, Inspiring Change. Every March, our country celebrates National Women’s History Month, which recognizes women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Why is National Women’s History Month Important? National Women’s History Month is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it highlights the invaluable contributions of women throughout history…

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  7. Ditching the Corporate Grind for Entrepreneurship

    Exhausted from working in a high-stress environment with minimal job security, Chris Jackson was ready to find a new opportunity. Career coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source® opened his eyes to the possibility of business ownership. As an information technology specialist, Chris spent many years toiling away in the competitive world of government contract bidding. Although…

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  8. An Entrepreneurial Journey from Walmart to Wellness

    Career ownership coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source® enabled Joe and Cheri Mercer to transition from a combined 57 years of corporate experience at Walmart to launching a thriving business in the wellness industry. After decades of contributing to Walmart’s success, the husband-and-wife team yearned for a fresh start. Working in the same home office during…

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  9. Entrepreneur Magazine

    Why This Brand Jumped More Than 100 Spots on This Year’s List The Entrepreneur’s Source is moving in all the right directions. January 16th, 2024 The Entrepreneur’s Source® was founded in 1984 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary but the heartbeat and vision of the brand have never changed; provides one-to-one career ownership coaching® that…

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